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If you’re looking for a reliable home inspection service along the Pennsylvanian shores of Lake Erie, look no further. Just Right Home Inspections, LLC is the home inspector for you. With years of experience and InterNACHI certifications, we’re prepared for residential inspections of any size and smaller commercial inspections.

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Here’s why you should get an inspection:


For a homebuyer-You need to know everything about your home before you sign the dotted line. If there are hidden issues, an inspector can often find them and save you money down the road.(Latent and concealed defects and deficiencies are excluded – a home inspector must be able to see a defect in order to report it.)


For a home seller- Getting an inspection early in the process, you can address issues that may be of concern to prospective buyers.


For a real estate agent – Pre-listing inspections can identify issues not readily seen or known to the seller, and can be addressed before they become a concern to a prospective buyer.

All home inspectors must require an Inspection Agreement to be signed, which outlines the basic scope of inspection as well as limitations and disclaimers. Please click here to view. 

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