Realtor Reference

Bob Henninger, Realtor

I used John Hall almost exclusively for a few years until he unfortunately decided to move. He is extremely diligent, trustworthy and thorough, and most importantly good with my buyers not spoiling the deal if there was work to be done on the property. I certainly can recommend this great guy and outstanding worker!

Crystal Ellsworth, Realtor

John is a kind courteous, knowledgeable home inspector. He is reliable fair and honest. He does not go the extreme and nitpick the home apartbut will, explain what issues need address or just a routine maintenanceto keep the home a safe place to live. I worked with John for both my Sellers and Buyers, and they all thought he was very informative in explaining what is important and what is just a maintenance items to keep track of. You will not regret using John as your Home inspector for your Buyer or Sellers.

Maria Gartrell, Realtor

John Hall was THE BEST home inspector I worked with in Erie, PA. John is prompt and professional in responding to calls, messages, emails, as well as responding to clients’ questions and concerns. John takes into consideration the contingency period of your contract and schedules accordingly. John follows all policies, procedures, and coordinates everything through the brokerage and showing service. Clients feel comfortable, he explains the home inspection well, and does so without giving the client anxiety. John’s reports are done in a timely manner, and shared with the agent and client.Success rate of escrow to closing while using John’s home inspection services is high.John isa top notch home inspector and I highly recommend him!

Dawn Nesbitt, Realtor

John Hall is an exceptional Home Inspector. John is thorough, patient with the clients, explains his findings & is very knowledgeable in his field. John uses current software program for his reports with photographic images. John is detailed, professional and was one of my top Home Inspector’s in our area.
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